Nina Vivian

Holistic habits for a healthy life

Joy is your essence.

Do you feel it?

Are you often stressed? Do you work like a machine and miss ease and joy in your life? Are you looking for a simple way that will give you more energy in the long run? You want to feel good again? I will support you to learn the basics of holistic health care. You will learn useful and effective tools for self-regulation and “resourcing” – the process of connecting to your own inner source of joy and radiant energy.


Holistic life.

Are you ready?

My coaching is all about experiencing and defining yourself in a new way. The motto of my program is self-empowerment. Here you will learn methods that enable you to activate your self-healing powers. I will help you to let go of everything what is holding you back from living ease and joy. Would you like easy-to-use tools to increase your energy? What are you waiting for? Book your session now.

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Nina Vivian Yoga
„Ich nehm definitiv viel mit. Auf jeden Fall, dass ich mit dem Yoga weitermache... und jetzt die Ansätze die ich hier gelernt habe, umsetzen werde.“ (I definitely take a lot with me. In any case, that I will continue with the yoga... and now will implement the approaches I learned here).
Yoga-Retreat with Nina Vivian

Be brave

You just live once.

Something in your life is out of balance and you are looking for a holistic way to integrate what is missing? You have the feeling that I can help you? Then press "book a session" and let us talk about your life. I am sure I can help you, as I did help many other people all around the world. I love to help, it is my nature. I love to be there for you - it makes me happy and brings me peace

  • Body & Mind I love to teach you all about yoga and how to relax your mind.
  • Soul-Food What you eat is important, let me show you all I learned.
  • Mind-Set Your thoughts are powerful. I give you tools that you can use daily.

It does not matter, if you are living close to me. I can help you online via Zoom or connect you with my partners, so you can attend workshops and retreats. The only thing that matters to me: that you are brave enough to make the step towards a healthy and concsious life.

frequently asked questions

Since my childhood I had to fight constantly with annoying back pain. My doctor at the time even advised me to give up my first job as a hairdresser. He said it would get worse and worse and there was nothing I could do about it.I did not want to put up with it. Yoga finally offered me a way to relieve this pain. The deeper I delved into it, the clearer it became what a treasure I held in my hands. So I started to help others.
Because my heart leaps when you shine. It gives my life a higher meaning.
Online and offline. Book your session now, we will find the best way.
We will figure it out in our consultation. Depends on your situation. Between 4 and 8 weeks is often enough to significantly raise your energy level and get you glowing again. In general we can integrate a healthy and holistic routine in 4 weeks.
It can be. That which is ready to be transformed always shows itself. In any case, I will create a safe space for you in which all your feelings are welcome.
Depends on the experience. The health consultation is 1:1 with the focus on you.
Quality has its price. I have put a lot of money and sweat into my training so that I can now pass on the essence to you.
If you implement the tools I give you, you will achieve positive results. I can only promise you that I will always accompany you with heart and humour and pass on my best knowledge to you. Your results are my results.
People who are not willing to try something new. For severe depression, trauma. My health counselling never replaces a doctor.
I received a lot of support from my brother and mental coach Kim Florian Köhler and Alexandros Tsachouridis. Thank you, Alexandros from the bottom of my heart for the website and impulses. I am sure that if you look for your name here in vain, then you also deserve a big thank you, too.
If you are ready to change your life for yourself and for the better, then you are ready to contact me.
Online via Zoom and offline at retreats or yoga class.
Yes, I do. You are welcome to follow me on instagram & FB. FB: NinaVivian and Instagram: Manandayoga_mallorca
I love to connect with likeminded souls.
I currently live in a yoga community on the sunny island of Mallorca and work a lot with my laptop. From time to time I travel around the world and love to educate myself. At the moment I am in Mexico learning about Leaky Gut and Ashtanga Yoga.
Co-manage a nature conservation project and seminar house. I would like to continue planting a tree for every guest. My dream is to live as much as possible from the heart.
Artists. Visionaries. Do-gooders. People who allow themselves to think outside the box and see their time on earth as incentive enough to fill it with creativity. Mother Theresa, Rumi, Ram Das. Pipi Longstocking had always inspired me as a child.
Love and connection, healing. Living in harmony with nature and following the voice of our heart.
Yes, of course. The more open we are with each other, the more depth we can achieve. I am Nina in business and in my private life and I am not afraid to show myself as I am.
No alcohol. No cigarettes. No chemical drugs. I like the feeling of clarity. My drugs are raw cocoa and coconut water.
More and more often. And if not, I now know how to deal with the emotions. Just understanding the difference between thoughts, emotions and feelings and nutrition was a big game-changer for me. I like to laugh and basically have a life-affirming attitude towards life.
Yes, it builds character. We all have difficult times in life from time to time. We need the lows to recognise the highs. In the end, they have been extremely instructive.
Ayurveda treatment and yoga, smoothies, coconut water, sun and salt water. Innerwork and dancing.
A safe space where people can open up completely and let healing happen.
Change your thoughts - and your life changes: The living wisdom of the Tao.
Always a question of mood and contemplation.
Family is very important for me.
Energy and means of exchange.
Green Thai Curry and every meal prepared with love by my family members.
Alexandros Tsachouridis from bike4peace - see Instagram - and me, when we shared time together in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - May 2021


"I have set the goal of providing an unforgettable yoga experience,
combined with the magic of the holistic lifestyle,
to support you on & offline during your inner journey towards joy."

It is your life. Live it now.

Thanks to my numerous cooperation partners, I offer a wide range of activities. From a conscious yoga and meditation holiday on the Island of Mallorca, to adventurous Retreats, Yoga Adventure Days, a Selfacceptance Retreat for more Bodylove instead of Bodyshaming, Mental Coaching, professional Ayurveda, holistic consulting and more. I cordially invite you to join the journey to deepen your connection to your inner self and realease what holds you back from living in joy. After your experience, you will have learned the basics of yoga and meditation to experience lasting peace and relaxation at home. You will learn useful tools for self-regulation and “resourcing” – the process of connecting to your own inner source of safety and comfort.